Cold Winter, Wyoming

first printing in the US

writ at Yellowstone


Yellowstone, Yellowstone, Kings to go forth

Yellowstone, Yellowstone, songs to the North

O Norther a-bluster, from left of the Dawn,

Proclaim the Cold Winter:  "Come King and come Pawn,


Come Grizzly and Grouse, now Squirrel and Snake,

Fore the frost or the snow, mid a gold Aspen brake

Neath the shade of the Fir and the Pine and the Spruce

While the Buffalo graze with the Elk and the Moose."




Printed in Western Viewpoints, Clarke Crouch, Editor


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Also printed in the Arch Veterans' Yellowstone Journal




Moonpath - first printing in the UK / West Sussex 
writ at Louisiana State University / Phi Mu / 10 PM
Silver glimmer, lunar line
Lake and river, moon and shin-
ing down the center, ray of night
Platinum-minted splay of light.
Movement quick remaining fast,
Pavement brickless, sterling cast,
Grasp me net to no avail,
Glassy wet as fishes' mail.
O fluorescent dancing sprite;
Effervescent, glancing bright.
Printed in Decanto Poetry 
Lisa Stewart, Editor